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All meetings will be held at 5:30 pm in the meeting room at Ridgway Town Hall, 201 N. Railroad Street, Ridgway, Colorado.
Home buyer education classes are typically 2 nights of learning about home buying covering the following topics:.
  • Learning About Home Buying
  • Facts for You to Own
  • Managing Money
  • Understanding Credit
  • Getting A Mortgage Loan
  • Mortgage Programs & Down Payment Assistance
  • Local Area Programs
San Miguel County was awarded a grant to complete a Multi-jurisdictional Needs Assessment in both San Miguel and Ouray Counties. The San Miguel Regional Housing Authority (SMRHA), Ouray County Housing Authority (OCHA), and representatives from all of the jurisdictions have been working with the con-sultants since the fall of last year. These 2 meetings are the only time to discuss the report with the consultants. The report will be available online at www.smrha.org
Final Affordable Housing Strategic Action Plan (6-22-2009)
Housing Needs Assessment Report (2011)
Revised Final Report Ouray County Housing Needs Assessment (with additional rental data), prepared for Ouray County, Town of Ridgway, City of Ouray; by EPS (11-5-2008).
In 2007, Ouray County, City of Ouray and Town of Ridgway were awarded funding from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs to complete a Ouray County Housing Needs Assessment for the area. We contracted with Affordable Housing Solutions of Telluride and Economic & Planning Systems to facilitate and complete the needs assessment. The final was presented to the public at a public meeting on April 16, 2008. The report explores and analyzes the housing market, including wage and employment data, and will provide the county, city and town with valuable information on the state of housing in Ouray County.
The Housing Needs Assessment Final report was revised with updated and additional data including rental data in November 2008.
In 2009 a Strategic Action Plan was developed with the assistance of a Department of Local Affairs grant and Rees Consulting.
Due to changes in need from the economic downturn and an opportunity to partner with San Miguel Regional Housing Authority (SMRHA), an updated needs assessment which will incorporate data and commuting trends from both San Miguel County and Ouray County will be completed by SMRHA contractors in 2010.

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October 14, 2010: Notice of Cancellation
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March 30, 2010 (Town Planning Commission meeting): Agenda | Packet Item #1 | Packet Item #2 | Packet Item #3
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February 11, 2010: Notice of Cancellation and 2010 Schedule
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December 10, 2009: Minutes
November 19, 2009: Minutes
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December 9, 2008: Minutes
September 11, 2008: Minutes
August 21, 2008: Minutes
[The strategic action planning process replaced regular monthly meetings of the OCHA from January to June, 2009. Materials from those meetings are available by clicking on the 2009 Action Plan Materials tab above.]


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