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Outdoor Watering Restrictions Resolution

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  • The engineering section of the public works department prepares feasibility studies, grant applications, and design for in house projects, and oversees construction, maintenance and repairs of town transportation infrastructure and rights-of-ways, water and wastewater infrastructure, and parks facilities. Works with other local governments, special districts, state and federal agencies to collaborate on projects and comply with regulations.
  • Provides construction, maintenance and repairs of streets, alleys, sidewalks, rights-of-ways, parking lots, bridges, diversion structures, storm drain systems and irrigation ditches.
  • Performs snow removal and street cleaning.
  • Performs heavy equipment operation;
  • Oversees maintenance and inventory of fleet vehicles and equipment. 
  • Provides operation, maintenance and servicing of the water treatment and distribution system.
  • Ensures delivery of safe potable water to the consumer; performs testing to comply with State Department of Health regulations; maintains and repairs water collection system and distribution infrastructure.
  • Maintains non-potable irrigation water distribution system.
  • Provides operation, maintenance and servicing of the wastewater collection and treatment facilities.
  • Monitors wastewater discharge; performs testing to comply with State Department of Health regulations; removes bio-solids from treatment facility; protects the public health and environment.
  • Removes bio-solids from facility.
  • Protects the public health and environment.
  • Installs water and sewer lines, meters and taps; confirms operation of fire hydrants; reads meters and records usage for billing purposes.
  • Provides maintenance, construction and repairs of parks, playgrounds, open spaces, recreational fields, trails, sidewalks, recreational facilities and municipal buildings.
  • Assists in planning and implementation of policy related to parks and open spaces.
  • Assists in tree management throughout parks, rights of way and open spaces.
  • Performs projects and improvements to Town facilities.
  • Assists in community events and prepares seasonal displays in parks as directed.
  • Performs annual noxious weed abatement on Town properties and rights of way.
  • Performs annual mosquito abatement in and around community in conjunction with intergovernmental agreements.

Joanne Fagan
Mike Jenkins
Wanda Taylor
970-626-5308 x10
Randy Barnes
Dan Bartashius
Jeff Rivera
Danny Powers

Public Works Department staff

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