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The Parks, Trails & Open Space Committee was formed in 2011 to develop and recommend a vision, goals and objectives of an action plan for the Town's parks, trails, facilities, and open spaces as an element of the Town of Ridgway Comprehensive Plan. The Parks, Trails, Facilities and Open Spaces Plan Element was finalized in 2012. The purpose of the Plan as an element of the Town Comprehensive Plan is to "guide the development of a system of interconnected parks, trails and open spaces. This plan will identify diverse beneficial uses and gathering places for the community, with consideration for the preservation, restoration and enhancement of environmentally sensitive and historically significant areas. In addition, the plan will promote quality of life and economic development values."
The Committee continues to meet to develop priorities and help guide plan implementation. Committee members are: Doug Canright, Sara Ballantyne, Rick Weaver, Jen Coates, Jennifer Mandaville, Jared Coburn, Stephanie Wallin, and Eric Johnson.

The public is encouraged and welcome to participate in each meeting. All public meetings are posted and advertised. Parks and Open Space meeting resources, meeting notes, and plan related information will be available throughout the process at www.town.ridgway.co.us .

March 7- Meeting Agenda & Packet

January 3 - Meeting Agenda & Packet

January 4 - Meeting Agenda & Packet

November 10 - Meeting Info
September 1 - Meeting Info
July 8 - Meeting Info
March 10 - Meeting Info | Minutes

December 2 - Meeting Info
September 2 - Minutes
August 5 - Meeting Info
July 1 - Minutes
June 2- Meeting Info
March 4- Meeting Info

June 11 - Meeting Info
June 4 - Meeting Info
April 16 - Meeting Info
March 6 - Meeting Info
February 5 - Meeting Info
January 15 - Meeting Info

November 6 - Meeting Info
September 26 - Meeting Info
August 27 - Meeting Info | Minutes
August 13 - Meeting Info
July 18 - Meeting Info
June 5 - Meeting Info
May 24 - Meeting Info
February 8 - PARKS, OPEN SPACES & FACILITIES PLAN presented to Town Council & Adopted by TC
January 31 - PARKS, OPEN SPACES & FACILITIES PLAN presented to Planning Commission

December 11 - Meeting to finalize plan
November 8 - Meeting Info
October 11 - Meeting Info | Minutes
September 13 - Meeting Info | Minutes
August 9 - Meeting Info | Draft Map | Minutes
July 12 - Meeting Info | Minutes
June 14 - Meeting Info +
          Parks/Open Space Map
          Draft Parks & Open Space Plan
           Proposed Meeting Schedule


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